About our own dogfood
MEDIUM is our standard dogfood

AlgGutten's MEDIUM 20/10 was developed to suit dogs of all sizes.

It contains no colours or preservatives.
We would be glad to send you the complete analysis of AlgGutten's dogfood.

MEDIUM contains: Whole grain wheat, beef and pork meat, fresh Swedish chicken meat, meat powder, potato protein, wheat bran, corn, animal fat, algea, yeast , wheat sprouts, calcium, salt, monosodium phosphate, minerals and vitamines.

MEDIUM has a 2,5% addition of algea and contains 20% protein and 10% animal fat.

MAXIMUM is our extra nutritious dogfood

MAXIMUM contains the same selected ingredients as Medium, but is more potent.

MAXIMUM has a 3% addition of Icelandic algea and contains 27% protein and 16% animal fat.

SENIOR/LIGHT 19/7, especially for our older or overweight dogs

SENIOR/LIGHT contains: Rice, corn flour, wholemeal wheat, fresh Swedish chicken meat, potato protein, animal fat, algea 2,5%, calcium, wheat sprouts, monosodium phosphate, minerals, C-vitamin, vitamines and glucosamine.

SENIOR/LIGHT has a 2,5% addition of Icelandic algea and glucosamine.

SENIOR/LIGHT contains 19% protein and only 7% animal fat.

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