AlgGutten at Algutstorp
AlgGutten is a family enterprize owned by Bo Gistedt and Katy Bjurvald Gistedt. They both have a lifelong experience of animals, mainly dogs. For decades Bo has worked with the patrol dogs of The Swedish Air Force. They both have always strived to find the optimal food, every animal owner's dream.

Algea influences
In the beginning of the nineties the family learned about algea when they were about to buy a horse, and it was then they thought of developing a dogfood with algea, the main reason being its good effects on fur, bone structure, metabolism etc.

Developing the food
We wanted the food to be all Swedish with Swedish ingredients only, and above all: A good dogfood at the right price.

We developed, together with Arona Foderfabrik, a dogfood in accordance with our high demands.

More and more dogowners have grown aware of the importance of a high quality dogfood for the health and length of life, and therefore we are proud to present

AlgGutten's Dogfood

AlgGutten at Algutstorp

Igelfors, SE-612 95 Finspang

Tel. +46-122 722 25