The preparation of
AlgGutten's Dogfood
AlgGutten's Dogfood is made at the Arona Food Factory. A processing method was developed, were fresh meat is mixed into the food without making meat powder of it first.

Chicken meat, beef and pork is minced. All fat is removed and the meat holds the quality of human food. The chicken meat comes directly from one of Sweden's largest chicken industries, it is fresh meat without bones, beaks, claws etc.

The minced meat is mixed with water into a mass that is pressed into the end part of the extruder (a "screw" that mixes and heats the food mixture). This way the tastiness and the nutritive substances are preserved. This is the simple explanation why dogs love AlgGutten's Dogfood.

The Icelandic algea are added to the dry food. After the harvest at sea the algea are dried in the warm air from hot springs, the most environmentally sound method possible.

Every ingredient in AlgGutten's Dogfood (except the Icelandic algea of course) is Swedish and of the highest quality.

AlgGutten at Algutstorp

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